ads To Its ShameFor the past many years the Stratfield School in Fairfield, Connecticut has been a school where a parents were preparing his or her son or daughter for the Ivy League Level. For some reason or another, the students in this school scored 40 percent higher that all of the other nine local elementary schools on the standardized tests. Unfortunately the only thing that was different in this school was that they were unknowingly cheating. It was proven that many of the answers that were marked incorrectly were changed, and of the answers changed 89 percent were changed from wrong to right. Something seemed fishy for a long time, and it took a man by the name of Jeffrey Matthew’s being elected on the School Board to help find and solve this dilemma. Well the principle, whether committing the actual crime, or having total knowledge of it, resigned his post at the age of 57, and after the $206,000 cost of the investigation, the students of Stratfiels School are now as normal on paper, as they are in real life. My comment on this situation would be that this could easily could have been avoided just by having more than one person be in charge of these very important test. It is not the fault of the students, or really the parents, but the School Board for not paying attention to the situation.