Indian police hunt Covid-positive air passengers who escaped on way to quarantine

(CNN) — At least 10 passengers have escaped from an airport in the northern Indian city of Amritsar after testing positive for Covid-19, according to Ruhee Dugg, a senior district official. The passengers arrived aboard an international chartered flight from Italy to India on Thursday, and 125 people tested positive on arrival, Dugg told CNN … Read more

Teacher ‘Sickout’ Over COVID Safety Concerns Force School Closures in Oakland

At least a dozen schools in Oakland were forced to close Friday after more than 500 teachers called out sick as part of a protest over COVID safety concerns. The Oakland Unified School District said over 8,000 students were impacted by the closures. NBC Bay Area’s Melissa Colorado breaks down which schools were forced to … Read more

Staffing shortages on Washington ferries predate the pandemic | Crosscut

In addition to usual retirements, a significant number of ferry employees have either quit, retired or been fired because they refused to get COVID-10 vaccinations. According to Ian Sterling, a spokesperson for Washington State Ferries, 139 employees have left for COVID-related reasons. In the course of two years, ferry staffing levels have dropped from about … Read more

Man Gives Himself Little Treat For Getting Through Day

TRENTON, NJ—Saying it would be a nice way to unwind after a grueling eight hours at work, local man Patrick McCormick reportedly gave himself a little treat Wednesday for getting through the day. “Man, it’s really great to take the edge off with a nice little treat after a total slog like today,” said McCormick, … Read more

Photographer Asahel Curtis chronicled the Pacific Northwest

Their own portraits are revealing. Edward is now considered an artist, a romantic and man who was trying to record the beauty of a so-called “vanishing race.” He looks like a turn-of-the-century bohemian. His younger brother, Asahel, had a different style. He looked more like a bank clerk or an accountant, but he and his … Read more

Denver Arts Scene Is Bigger and Better Than Washington Post Suggests

On December 30, the Washington Post offered its readers “An Art Lover’s Guide to Denver.” While flattering, the article was also clueless about what would make Denver’s art scene really stand out for visitors, especially those coming from cities with world-class art museums. I was once one of those visitors; I was raised outside of D.C., … Read more