We have research on alang ship breking yard, We would like to know about current research papers or bibiliogrphy on sediment as well as sea water analysis and pollution refrances. pls, send me.

Alang is about 60 k.m. away from Bhavnagar on way to Talaja on the Southern coast of Saurashtra (Gujarat). A ship breaking yard was started in February 1983 on the coast of Alang and further near Sosiya. The ships were of different types :
Oil tankers, cargo ships, war ships, research vessels, containers ships and many other types.

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During the ship breaking activity, at least some of the scraps in one form or other fall into the seawater and get degraded or remain as such. Some of it is dragged away with every successive tide while other remains on shore or in the intertidal area.

There is a need to study the complex coastal processes operating in this region, especially suspended sediment distribution, current pattern and tidal fluxes.